Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 3rd July written update









This episode begins with Arnav finding Khushi in an unconscious situation and tries to wake her up. Shyam is angry when he get to know that Arnav and Khushi have escaped from his hands.

Arnav gets shocked to see the blood running from Khushi's head. He is scared by thinking that Khushi is dead.

Arnav recalls his and Khushi’s memories and tells her to get up and puts her hands on his heart. Khushi feels his heartbeat and gets back to sense. Arnav feels happy to see that Khushi is alive and hugs her.

Arnav lifts Khushi in his arms and both share eye to eye contact. Arnav and Khushi reached home and Khushi tells Arnav that Shyam has kidnapped him. Arnav gets shocked to hear this.

Anjali is worried to see that Shyam is injured. Shyam recalls that how he hit his car by himself. Arnav asks Khushi if she has any proof against Shyam.

Khushi enters the house and everyone is shocked to see that Khushi is injured. Later Arnav enters and family is again shocked to see him injured also. Shyam gets scared to see that Arnav and Khushi is still alive.
Manorama tells everyone that Arnav was kidnapped which makes everyone shocked.


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