Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Does distance make the heart grow fonder?

Arnav and Khushi were separated due to Shyam’s evil plan when he kidnapped Arnav. Khushi has been looking for Arnav and finally managed to find the place where he was kept captive. Will the distance they endured, bring them closer? 

When Arnav was away from her, Khushi realized how much she misses him and Arnav too realized that he feels deeply for her. But will this distance from each other bring them closer? Will they admit their feelings to each other?

Many of the other STAR Plus couples too have realized how much they miss each other after being apart. Pratigya was very worried about Krishna when he was arrested and imprisoned; she did everything she could to prove his innocence and bring him back home. When Jeevika had come to Mumbai, Viren could not accompany her due to his work but later he gave her a surprise visit and the two spent some romantic moments with each other. Naitik is so used to having Akshara help him with his daily chores that even when she goes to her maika, he misses her and keeps calling her up.

Often when you are close to a person, you realize their importance only when they are not around. You tend to miss the small arguments, the person’s habits and their presence around you.

Arnav says “I have missed Khushi a lot and I can’t wait to meet her. She has done a lot to look for me and has finally managed to find me. We have been apart from each other for too long.”

Khushi says “I am so happy that I have found Arnavji. I know that he has gone through a lot of hardships and now I just want him to be in front of me. I don’t want to leave his side for even a moment.”

As Arnav and Khushi are finally going to meet, will the time they spent away from each other, bring them closer? To find out, watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?, Monday to Friday 8 pm on STAR Plus.

Do you think distance makes the heart grow fonder? Do you think the distance will bring Arnav and Khushi closer?


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