Monday, 10 September 2012

"Rituals hold a lot of importance for me" says Khushi

Hi friends, hope all of you are fine. Today I would like to share with you the importance of rituals and their meaning for me. Rituals, for me hold a lot of significance.

KhushiFor many people rituals are just something they follow to make their family happy but I believe that each and every ritual holds a special message and meaning. That is also the reason why I wanted to remarry Arnavji, this time following all the rituals, right from shagun, roka, sagai and mehendi to the pheras. There are so many pre and post marriage rituals and I love all of them. It begins with shagun where the groom's family comes to the home of the bride and gives her gifts as a token of their acceptance. The sagai is special as it is a formal commitment of the two people who are getting married. The rings exchanged in this ceremony are generally worn on the fourth finger as that vein goes directly to the heart. 

These customs and rituals are also a lot of fun as they are accompanied by naach gaana during the mehendi and sangeet functions. Most girls dream of celebrating each of these rituals right from the time they are young kids and wait in anticipation for their wedding day. Family, relatives and friends from everywhere join the occasion and it becomes even more special. Beautiful and elaborate clothes are worn to mark these rituals so that everyone feels happy, homes are decorated with flowers and lights so that there is a festive atmosphere all around. And of course, sweets which are part of all happy occasions are in abundance at weddings.

Finally the actual marriage ritual of the pheras symbolises the promises that a husband and wife make to each other. The seven promises are the most special as they legitimize a marriage. Another important ritual for me is sharing love. Whether it is before or after marriage is a person's choice, but it is definitely of utmost importance for married couples to be happy in their future life.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog, as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. I will be back soon with more. Bye for now! 


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