Friday, 21 October 2016

My weekend with Barun Day 2

Day 2

So after getting all of 4 hours beauty sleep I woke up on Saturday with a feeling of glee, the day before had happened and the best was yet to come.

After sending a quick message the night before to our Sunday in London DM group on where to meet, my intentions turned to getting ready for that evening and picking a outfit etc, it's not everyday you attend your idol's first international premiere ! By the way thank you for the numerous suggestions that I wear a red sari, the London weather had other ideas.

Singing and tweeting a well known Sia song my excitement was building for the evening. So after getting ready I travelled the short distance from my home to meet Anu who had travelled in from the West Country and together we set off to rendezvous with our friends.

On the way we were receiving updates from the everyone, some of whom had arrived at the hotel and met Barun wearing that rather fetching THMS jacket(btw I'd love one Milind Sir or Barun if you are reading) and a woollen hat. 

Reaching Baker Street, the breathless feeling came back, btw Sobtians word of advice if you are going to meet Barun keep hydrated! Jumping into a cab the dhak Dhaks had started again for both of us, we couldn't believe we were going to see Barun and his  movie! 

So reaching the hotel, I went into the foyer and spotted Niji and Ruchi who had been there for a few minutes. Sitting down I handed Niji the 'You Are My Sunday' badges we had gotten the day before and we put them on our coats. Greeting everyone, we started chatting, and slowly all 8 of us ladies arrived. It was getting noisy as we were all chatting but nobody minded. 

With a surge of confidence out of nowhere we approached Varun who was on the phone trying to organise the cast. We told him that our friends had come and many had gifts for Barun and asked if he could come down to meet them. Very graciously he said of course and proceeded to call him. Eeeks Barun was coming down to meet us all ! So walking back very calmly to the ladies we told them Barun is coming.

While waiting we took the opportunity to speak to the cast and get some short interviews starting with Milind, who very sweetly described Sobtians as an invaluable cast member and thanked the Sobtians for all they had done to promote the movie. While interviewing everyone I asked them some questions off the top of my head, truth be told we had no idea if they would allow us interviews. 

Interviewing Varun by the stairs, I asked him about how he felt and as he began speaking somebody came down behind him and clasped him on the shoulder, and as luck would have it, it was Barun ! We had to draw in a breathe, we couldn't believe it,had we actually witnessed this ? Apparently I didn't blink for minute. Barun looking incredibly dapper with a full beard and floppy hair walking down the stairs wearing something similar to the ek jashn suit? A year after we had fangirled over him wearing that ? Was he reading our tweets or our minds? or maybe even my highly scientific Twitter poll? 

Barun looked in our camera and replied for Varun. Myself and Niji were so overwhelmed thinking how are we getting this lucky? So behind us our fellow Sobtians came over with their gifts, and for the next 20 mins he sat with us accepting gifts, signing about 50 autographs, taking videos and talking to us.Not once did he complain, or tell us that we were making them late, he was so happy to meet all of us and take pictures. This man is absolutely incredible and the way he behaved with his fans only increases my admiration for him, even apologising for a fan's trip to Mumbai for the sole purpose of watching main aur mr riight. 

While we were sitting with Barun, I spotted Mrs Dhaimade, Milind's wife smiling at us and to whom I smiled back. The cast and crew were so kind to us and never hurried us. In fact Varun was handing out badges to us and asking if we were all coming to the screening.  So as the cast got ready to leave we walked over to the other side of the foyer and took group pics, hugging each other that we had infact all met Barun. 

Something else I have to add, Barun was looking out for the whole cast and making sure everyone was ok. He is so sweet and kind.

So walking outside the hotel we asked the doorman to whistle over two taxis to Leicester Square. In front of us Barun in his blue suit standing next to Milind waiting to get into their own mini bus to get to the premiere . Not only were we going to see the movie but we would be travelling alongside them to the it ! I couldn't believe how lucky we were. 

So before long we were on the way, it took us about 10 mins to get to Leicester Square in which time it had started raining and of course I had forgotten my umbrella(Thank you Ruchi for sheltering me under yours! ) If you have not been to Leicester  square before there are 3 cinemas in the space of 100 yards, the Odeon was sitting up their red carpet for Leo DiCaprio's latest,and there was like an exciting feeling in the air and a crowd was building in front of all three cinemas.

So reaching the Vue we met up with the other half of our contingent, Twitter had alerted us that Asjad was inside talking pics, to be honest we were more concerned with whether Barun had arrived or not. Turns out a few of us had checked the side enterance and there was no sign of them yet. 

So at 5.30pm we went inside the cinema,greeted by a bemused ticket taker having to say screen 7 about 10 times in the space of 30 seconds. Two escalators up we found a queue of Sobtians Young and old, we got talking with them and they said they had been fans of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. Before long they opened the doors and we filed down the stairs to our seats. 

Of course me and Niji went to the front and took pics with the huge BFI sign on the screen. We spotted Asjad sitting across the gangway and asked him whether he would like to say something on video. So we took our seats and waited for the movie to start.

The lights dimmed and in walked in the cast. Milind came to the front and introduced the cast one by one, he introduced Barun and we all screamed to which Milind said 'he's brought some of his fans with him!'. So after he introduced the movie the lights dimmed further and we could hear voices very close to us, the cast took their seats, to our surprise they chose to sit next to me and Niji ! I literally felt like screaming. 

For the next two hours, we were alternating between watching the film and the reactions of the cast. In fact during one scene I shifted my eyes to see Barun, turns out he had too towards me and Niji ahhh!!.Ok I fangirled a bit totally forgetting he was there.

Without spoiling the movie, i will say that it's a sweet and simple movie that works amazingly well, it's not a Yash Chopraesque Bollywood movie and that's why I liked it. There was no need for extended dance sequences, snow capped mountains and the trimmings that are so embedded in movies today, it's a simple story of a bunch of guys trying to find their space in an overexpanding city. The acting was of a very high caliber, very realistic and I felt that I could relate to the characters in several ways. You don't need to be a football fan or even a Sobtian to enjoy this movie, the audience was a good mix of nationalities and the movie was received very well by all. 

If I may say something with my sobtian hat on, I felt extremely emotional seeing Barun in this movie, I was incredibly proud of him.

After the movie the Q&A started, and many asked questions including myself. The questions ranged from Barun's transition from small screen to the cast's favourite scene in the movie. 

So after the movie myself and Niji got up and first went to shake Milind's hand and congratulate him on an excellent movie. He thanked us once more, and we of course had told him that the film was trending on Twitter and the periscope broadcast I was filming had a large amount of viewers.

Turning around I saw Avi as I have mentioned previously myself and my friend Jesvin have a crush on him. I told him I have a picture with everyone but you, he was so sweet, he put an arm around me almost squeezing me. I had told him about Jesvin and he was gracious to record a short video for her.

Coming out of the hall we congratulated Varun who was outside showed him the trends he was very happy. We also saw Vishal and told him the same and to my surprise he hi fived me! This cast is so friendly and deserve every success.

Walking down towards the cinemas lounge we saw a large crowd and in the cordoned seating area was Barun. So spotting Tony(the PR guy)we asked if we could have a min and we told him we don't mind waiting. Barun and the cast were greeting people and signing autographs. I was very emotional and I really wanted a hug from Barun. So as fate would have it I did get that hug and yes it was everything I thought it would be and I was literally going to cry after that.

Moving away for a moment to compose myself, Niji had handed her phone to Tony and he was showing the Twitter trend to Barun and Shashana.  So eventually our DM group got a selfie with Barun which was the icing on the cake along with autographs from the cast. Shashana came out of the cordoned area to talk to us, we congratulated her and she was extremely complimentary about the Sobtians. 

The cast started taking photos so we thought it was a good time to leave. Quickly making our dinner plans we left the cinema on a huge high.

Once within the restaurant, we started chatting about the movie and how everything had just sort of worked for us that day. On the table behind us we spotted Asjad and we all yelled Asjad!! I think we succeeded in scaring his date a bit :) 

On the cab ride home, we found the time to reply to our Twitter mentions it was insane. We were so so happy and animated and even had to apologise to the cabbie for being so loud, he seemed amused . 

So that wraps up my two days with Barun, it was an absolutely incredible experience and one that I will never forget. Myself and Niji got extremely lucky that everything worked for us. I would like to thank everyone who wished me to meet Barun, who praised and supported  TeamBarun. All of you and your good wishes made one of the best experiences of my life happen and I will never forget it or you ever.  

Most of all I'd like to thank my late Nani who I miss so much, with whom I used to watch ipkknd all the time, can't help but think that looking down from heaven with a smile last weekend.

Finally, what are my thoughts regarding Barun after finally meeting him? If it's possible I have an even higher admiration and respect for him than previously, he is truly very caring and respectful of his friends as well as his fans. He is kind and humble and deserves every good thing that comes his way, I am very proud to be his fan and always will be. 


Serendipity said...

What a wonderful write-up. So clear and articulate, not to mention tugging at one's heart strings. The story about your Nani was incredibly sweet and poignant. I bet she enjoyed the whole thing vicariously, from wherever she is :)
So, thank you for sharing this and warmest wishes for everything you do.

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