Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Why you love Barun Sobti!

Why? Guess dats a difficult Question to answer. But it's not at all difficult to love or be a fan of a person like Barun Sobti. He is kind of a person with whom you wud instantly fall in love with. Because he come across as a normal simple guy instead of some big star or big celebrity. You get instantly connected with him. He has not let success and fame change him. He has stayed the way he has been. You just need to get to know him, to like & love him.

As an actor and as a person, Barun has a personality which makes you sit back and notice him. It's not an easy job to ignore him. A natural charmer, He doesn't need to do an extra effort to look good, or pay extra attention to his looks. He just have it in him to get all the attention and adulation.

I personally, hadn't been much of a strict follower of his work, and very honestly if a year back, someone would have told me that. I would be liking actor Barun Sobti. I would have ROFLed at the person. Because back then I didn't know anything about him. Ofcourse I knew he has been working on TV, knew about his shows as would come across the promos while scanning channels or there would be something about him in newspapers or SBS segments. Few of my friends have been his fan.. literally "BIG Fans". So, I was not completely unaware but yes I haven't seen his work very religiously or not ardently followed his shows. You know sitting in front of TV and watching a TV show... had given up on Indian TV soaps long back.

Barun's show was recommended to me by one of my friends who had been his fan, she still is. She practically challenged me to watch few of his scenes and Rest is history. Later it was Barun who kept me hooked, Not only as an actor but as a person too, He manages to draw my attention to him. He manages to crack me up with his antics.

When i used to see my friends gushing over him I used to really wonder what's special is there in him? I used to literally pull their leg when there was this whole hulla gulla about Barun quitting the show. I was like...what's the big deal if he is leaving...why to make such a issue out of it... it's not happening for the first time that an actor is deciding to walkout. He must be having his own reasons (personal or professional...whatever) and as a fan you should be happy for him if he is working towards making big for himself. There will be something good in store for him and obviously leaving a show is not end of the world surely he will be back in some other project.

Now, after watching his work, can't help but say as an actor he has lot of potential in him, He deserved that support and all adulation from his fans for making his characters popular. Be it Arnav or Sharavan...or other characters he played.

As an actor, He has his own strong points which makes him what he is. As an actor he knows how to potray the given character...how much a character demands from him. His best ability is his understanding of the character, he perceives a character in his own way and potrays it to his best ability. Also he is balanced in his performances. Never goes over the top in any scenes, be it emotional, comedy and romantic.

As a person Barun has been really humble and sincere in his work. Inspite of knowing his popularity and all the adulation and fame he has achieved, He has still stayed grounded and have not let success effect him or his nature. He has been proud of his work (which he should be as its his hardwork) but at same time he has also been thankful to people around him who let him be and been there with him and helped him throughout his journey till date.

It's purely his sheer hardwork and dedication which has brought him here and will take him further in future and all this reflects in his work makes his fans love him.

Barun also has this quality of staying positive and believing in himself, inspite of all controversies and negatives around he maintained his calm, stood strong and continued what he believed in.

It's  important that he continues his career with same hardwork, dedication and will power. There is not gonna be any stopping for Barun.

Wishing this wonderful person and actor all the success in both professional and personal life. Wishing he stays the way he is. As he is loved and adored by his fans for what he is and the way he is! Hoping he keeps smiling and Keep spreading the smiles!

by Purnima Dixit


           Never had I this penchant for writing until this man came to the scene. To start with I was never a keen follower of Television soap till three years back. I was just surfing some channels when I came across this show on Sony called “Baat Hamaari Pakki Hai”. I liked the actor and started following the show on a regular basis. I googled about the show and found his name to be “Barun Sobti”. I was quite impressed with the character played by him. And then the show ended. After 3-4 months, I saw this beautiful promo of “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon” and at first my mind could not register the fact that it was the same guy. When the show started, I was just hooked on to it.

                 Barun was just epic in the portrayal of the great Arnav singh Raizada aka ASR. I was utterly shocked as to how could a person play two drastically opposite characters of Shravan Jaiswal and Arnav Sigh Raizada to perfection. Every expression, every move, every tear, every dialogue, every smirk left me dumbstruck. I was like how can he spin magic in every episode and in no time I started loving Barun Sobti. His deep husky voice, his chocolate brown caramel eyes, that characteristic smirk everything cast a spell on me.
                   But it was not merely his acting prowess that sent me into a tizzy but also the person behind the actor. His dedication and professionalism came to the fore when he managed both the show and his maiden movie “Main aur Mr. Riight” at the same time doing day shifts  for the former and night shifts for the latter. Even though he worked tirelessly night and day he seamlessly came up with mindblowing performances in every scene of the show. He is ambitious as he himself says “If you are satisfied with what you have you can't achieve anything”. He is honest and true to his words. Once he decides something he sticks to it no matter whatever the circumstances are. He is modest and down-to-earth, a quality that we rarely find in celebrities. His sense of humour is something out of the world.

Barun has got that magnetic personality and aura around him that can bowl anyone over easily. But the one thing I love most about him is inspite of all the female adulation around him he is so committed to his life partner and that is what every girl vouches for.

                   I adore him for the fact that he takes life as it comes, he is easygoing, has no airs about him. Though he is a star in the true sense, he remains untouched and unaffected by stardom. For a man who has been working  since the age of sixteen he has experienced life the hard way. He has climbed the ladders of success through sheer dedication, hardwork, humility and integrity. One can hardly stop oneself from admiring the man with such varied dimensions.

                    Barun Sobti is not just a name ,it is a phenomenon. I am glad that I live in an era where am able to witness this incredible journey of the man called “BARUN SOBTI”.
by Gargi



fansarun said...

barun Sobti him a secret it's easy to read in his eyes at all for me is lr case, I feel too close to him I feel that I've known forever last year I got up with him, and I sleep with him (in the head of course) I am a very very very big fan, you can not imagine you can not believe what I can do and what I do for him

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