Monday, 23 December 2013

What is Barun Sobti up to right now?

On Monday, Astrus Talents gave fans an opportunity to ask questions regarding Barun Sobti. To summarise this is what Astrus Talents told us:

Barun Sobti has a good line up for the next year, and he has a number scripts locked. Shooting for his next project starts early next year, However Astrus could not tell us any further, But they will announce the projects and their banners by the end of January 2014.

Barun Sobti is working very hard. He is meeting a number of casting directors, as well as his continuing schedule for 22 Yards, for which he will return to Kolkata in January 2014.

Furthermore, there is of yet no confirmation in regards to a weekly show, although soaps are not a possibility at the moment due to his hectic schedule.

As for plans for the holiday season, He is taking some time off. He is working out a lot - 'Lean and Mean'.

These are some amazing films under some great banners for Barun Sobti, that will be announced in first half of 2014.

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