Monday, 9 September 2013

We Are Recruiting!

Hey Sobtians,

TeamBARUN is working on some awesome new projects, and so we need a new admin! If you are interested send us an email on telling us about why you would like to be an admin, whether you have any skills that would lend themselves to being an admin and why you should be chosen. :)

Look forward to your response.



Jafrin Choudhury said...

Hi Mr. Barun Sobti, i don't know what should i say about you. i don't have enough word to describe you what i think of you.

I just want to say simple word you are such a nice human being. most good looking face.your eyes is always talking, and your smile is so innocent.

Love You So Much Barun.
miss you on tv...please come back soon.

sana Sanar said...

Looking forward to seeing this movie only because of Barun Sobti and no one else..., but will definitely miss Sanaya Irani as I don't like suzzana Mukherjee...Sanaya-Barun's pair is into the books of history for their remarkable
driving force of eternal & unconditional love that flows whenever they are together, their acting & their magical sizzling chemistry..
. They are the most beautiful couple ever in this you Barun & Sanaya

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