Friday, 19 July 2013

MediaQue Entertainment Answers Fan Questions!

When will Main Aur Mr. Riight trailer gonna out?
Very very soon.

Any more new photo-shoots or pics?
No more photo-shoots at the moment, will post a few workshop pics from 22 yrads soon.

Can you please post a latest picture of Barun Sobti?
Will do soon.

What is the status of 22 yards?
Shoot starts from 30th of July.

Where is Barun Sobti? 
Barun Sobti is very much in Mumbai now.

 Wen will Main Aur Mr. Riight release?
Main Aur Mr. Riight is slated to release in a couple of months.

 Where is Barun Sobti's 22yards set in Mumbai?
22 yards set at present is not in Mumbai.

Does Barun Sobti know IPKKND is being re-aired & dubbed in English?
Yes, he is aware and also very happy.

 Will Barun Sobti join the promotion of this movie by coming on tv?
Yes, definitely!

 Has Barun Sobti signed anything new?
He will be signing very soon.

Has Barun Sobti taken up any other new projects?
We are in talking terms with a lots of producers and big banners, Will update you on that soon.

Is Barun Sobti going to take up any new TV show?
He is not at the moment.

When is Main Aur Mr. Riight releasing?

September - October is the release.

How is Barun Sobti doing these days?
He is absolutely fit and fine.

What is Barun Sobti doing now?
He is busy with his last schedule of his workshop.

Can we expect any appearance of Barun Sobti in any way? 
 We have kept him away from media for a reason. It will continue for a few more days.



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