Friday, 9 November 2012

Your Letters and Messages to Barun Sobti - Part 02

Dear Barun Sobti, 


Over the last couple days and weeks, we've been all inundated with news that you are to leave IPKKND. the thousands of us around the world are joining together to send you their messages...

love forever, your fans...! 





Yashvi Nishar said...

SO many things are been done to persuade you...plz do not go plz at least for your fans sake....there is one pain,I often feel,
which you will never know,
It is caused by the absence of yoU :'( juss dont go
there's no love ut there's a great like...just think once please..:(

Lokesh said...

barun sir plz plz plz come was not merely a serial for us, it was part of our daily routine to see this serial...i love IPKKND...main kab tak you tube par episodes repeat kar kar ke dkhu, ab toh ek saal pura hone ko aaya hai...:(
now i can't even tolerate this iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek baar fir season 2....plz plz plz barun come back....

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