Sunday, 25 November 2012

Raj Baddhan's Tweets on Star Parivaar Live 2012

  • I'm at the LG Arena for Star Parivaar Live - will have updates shortly with a catch up with the stars here around 9pm.
  • Ha! Khushi saying Arnav is too busy with his work & still working on stage. Kokila taking fun out of Khushi. Crowd is shouting Arnav. 
  •  Arnav has walked from the back of the stage through crowd to front on stage to join Khushi.
  • I'll be talking to the stars backstage in an hour so will verify all rumours& get concrete answers for all u Sarun lovers! 
  •  Arnav & Kokila doing Gangnam dance!
  • Pratigya is on stage giving spectators a chance to win a gift from Arnav. Contest on stage.
  • Fans expressing their love for Arnav who clearly is Star TV's most loved character.
  • Star TV pulled off a fantastic show!Very professionally handled & gave your viewers exactly what they wanted! Well done team.
  • I mentioned you () guys & he was very aware of his followers & knows it'ss because of love why fans have been angry! Hello to you all from Barun Sobti.

  • Barun Sobti has finished filming for & said never say never on return to show. Show will take a twist soon!
  •   Honestly speaking when Arnav leaves, they will experiment with show & if it doesn't work then they will axe it :( 
  • I'm sure he will come back when & if show ends. It can't end without him.
  •  Guys hope u enjoyed coverage! Sorry couldn't respond to all tweets! & me will have backstage reports on Sabras.
  •  He is gonna take a break and see what future holds. He may come back. He so vague with his answers.
  •  I will get them together on my show. I'm trying for u fans!!
  •  They have both already come on my show two weeks ago! Will have them again soon. 
  •  He knows about his crazy fans & said he loves each of them dearly no matter which country they are from. 
  • Those asking about #StarParivaarLive celebs - they going back tomorrow to India. Short stay but they have filming commitments.


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